Initiatives organised by JMC

JMC statement (pdf) on the NSA. Use this link to co-sign the statement or pledge to take action in a number of other ways.

JMC statement (pdf) on AMS Notices responses to mathematical boycott of collaboration with police.

JMC statement (pdf) on the US Capitol attack and its aftermath.

JMC endorses these ongoing and past initiatives organised by others:

Math Boycotts Police

Abolition University.

Cut ties with Tel Aviv University and Greenberg Institute until detained Palestinian bodies are freed to their families and loved ones for burial.

Free Imad Barghouthi. A petition.

Freedom for Tuna Altinel. A petition.

The Zapatistas and ConCIENCIAS for Humanity.

Background on some of the above: Scientific American article on the cases of Altinel, Barghouthi, and jailed Russian mathematician and activist Azat Miftakhov. Update: as of 3 November 2020, Barghouthi is set to be released.

We stand in solidarity with this Red Canary Song statement.